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Scrum Myths

Let’s debunk some Scrum myths! ?

? Myth: Scrum is only for software development.
? Fact: Scrum principles apply to various products, promoting collaboration and adaptability.

? Myth: Scrum is rigid.
? Fact: Scrum is flexible, allowing teams to tailor it to their needs.

? Myth: Scrum is a one-size-fits-all solution.
? Fact: Scrum isn’t for every project; choose the right framework for your needs.

? Myth: Scrum is micromanagement.
? Fact: Scrum trusts self-organizing teams, fostering collaboration.

? Myth: Scrum doesn’t allow changes during a sprint.
? Fact: Scrum allows changes when needed, maintaining adaptability.

Let’s discuss more Scrum myths in the comments and promote a better understanding of this framework.