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Continuous Improvement – Best Practices

  • Looking to get started with continuous improvement or improve your existing practices? Here are some practical tips and best practices to help embed continuous improvement into your daily operations:
  • Embed CI in daily processes: To create a culture of continuous improvement, make sure it’s not just a one-off activity. Encourage everyone to proactively identify and report issues and opportunities for improvement. For instance, you can have a weekly team meeting where everyone reports at least one improvement they’ve identified and implemented. By doing this, you not only communicate the importance of CI, but also put a forcing function for getting started.
  • Coach & educate employees: Employees play an important part in continuous improvement. Make sure to educate them on the basics of the concept and what they should be looking for. A simple checklist can help them focus on the most common sources of improvement suggestions, like repetitive problems or inefficiencies in waste, time utilization, quality, and planning. Continuous improvement doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By implementing these best practices, you can embed CI into your daily operations and drive positive results.